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This multipurpose cleaner quickly dissolves styling product build-up on combs, brushes, rollers, fixtures and solid surfaces. One box provides more than 10,000 washes.

  • Safe to Use-Ship-Shape is gentle on hands and skin
  • Economical-One box cleans 10,000 combs and brushes
  • Combs and Brushes Look Like New-Ship-Shape solution removes lotions, oils, hair color, gels, sprays and dirt from combs and brushes, leaving them looking like new!
  • Promotes Cleanliness Throughout the Salon-Ideal for cleaning sink basins, head and neck rests, vinyl upholstery, chairs and tables, leaving surfaces sparking!
  • Cleans spots and stains from retails centers, telephones, doorknobs, floors, walls and more!
  • Complies with State Laws and EPA-Meets state laws and EPA requirements for pre-cleaning tools before immersing them in a disinfectant

2 Simple Steps! 

1. Clean items, removing visible debris, then wash with Ship-Shape 

2. Disinfect  with Barbicide


Instructions: Mix 3 tablespoons of Ship-Shape powder into 1 gallon of warm water in sink, shampoo bowl or plastic tub. After removing hair from dirty combs and brushes, soak in the Ship-Shape solution, remove, rinse and air dry... items are now ready to be disinfected with Barbicide.