JATAI is proud to represent the Feather Safety Razor Co., a world-class manufacturer of high-quality patented razor blades and handles. Established in 1932, Feather has become the dominant force in the production of consumer double edge shaving razors and blades, professional hairstylists/barber shears, razors and blades, and medical surgical scalpels, blades and tools. Having developed a reputation for being the sharpest blades around, Feather products are considered superior among consumers and professionals alike, continuing to surpass the quality and workmanship of their competitors.

Their humble beginnings started in Seki, Japan, a well-known area for samurai sword making and abundant natural resources perfect for making the finest cutlery. Over 80 years, Feather has combined modern manufacturing technology with samurai sword artisanship heritage to quickly become the leader in Japanese razor manufacturing. As the premier manufacturer since before World War II, Feather’s razor blades are respected as the best in every category in which they are sold.