About Us

Wanting to promote skateboarding with great products across the country, Ultimate Distribution was founded in 1985 by Kevin Harris, a young Canadian skateboard pro for Powell Peralta. 

After 30+ years of sales and distribution of products in the skate, snow, surf and lifestyle sectors, including multiple magazines, we started Ultimate Barber Supplies. We added a brand called Byrd Hairdo products, a classic surf inspired brand tailored to the modern on-the-go man that started us in this new direction. We began to notice more and more grooming brands give nod to interests similar to ours, such as skateboarding, motorcycles and classic cars. The crossover patterns of these brands made starting up Ultimate Barber Supplies a no brainer. Today, Ultimate operates out of a 12,000 sqft warehouse with over 15 in house employees handling some of the best grooming brands in the industry.

Our experience in the sales and distribution of brands and products to great stores across Canada is second to none. Great customers service, combined with fast, streamlined shipping ensures our brands are able to get out to customers as quickly as possible. 

When you deal with the people at Ultimate, you’re not dealing with people who are just at work. This is our lifestyle, our culture. We’re here to share this lifestyle with our fellow Canadians, hit us up! 

Stay Slicked.