Seppos After Shave

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This aftershave acts as an antiseptic which will soothe your freshly shaved skin by cooling and exhilarating.

  • Spiced Rum Scent
  • Cedarwood Scent
  • net wt. 8oz

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A Sweet Surprise

At 6 ingredients, this is a simple concoction which we will classify in the old-school after shave grouping.

Filtered water
Ethyl Alcohol
French Vanilla Flavor
Thuja Plicata (Cedar) Leaf Oil
Brown Colour

Because of the higher proportion of water than alcohol, this after shave is a tad smoother on your freshly shaved mug than the alcohol-centric after shaves.

As for the fragrance, the vanilla is clearly distinctive and there is also an element of something that is citrus like. This could very well be the cedar leaf oil. I find the overall fragrance to be sweet as opposed to spicy. The vanilla is more distinctive than the sugar cane. Being an enthusiastic Cuban rum drinker, I find that rum has a unique aroma. The scent here is a little different than rum which I will say is a good thing because with the number of bay rum after shaves out there, there isn’t much of a need for yet another one. Kudo’s to the guys at Seppo’s for coming up with something familiar yet new and different that men will be interested in using.

How long does the scent last? I will venture something like 2 to 3 hours.

In closing, this Canadian made old-school splash is a find. Every wet shaver will enjoy its honest blast of freshness and its mild and sweet scent.

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