Prospectors Citrus Pre-Shave Oil

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Helps soften beard and prepare skin for a close, comfortable shave without an oily residue. Forms a protective layer to increase blade glide for a smooth shave.

A good pre-shave oil will give you a close shave at a premium price. A great pre-shave oil gives you the best shave experience imaginable, will be a pleasure to use and is humbly affordable. Ours is the latter. It’s simple, effective and straightforward. For the common man. For every man.

Citrus scent: Exploding oranges, limes and grapefruit on your face.

Directions: Dispense a few drops of pre-shave into palms and apply onto area to be shaved. Using your fingers, work in the essential oils and antioxidants.

  • Protects skin against razor burn and damage
  • Prevents nicks and cuts
  • Delivers an amazingly close and comfortable shave
  • Net wt. 1 oz. 

Customer Reviews

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Shaving in TOTAL comfort

You might already be a wet shaving enthusiast and you might even have already tried other pre-shave solutions. Clearly, you are ahead of the game and know about how much of an experience improver this is. It’s a bit like eating chicken wings without the buffalo sauce. Once you have it with the sauce, there is no turning back!

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Prospector Pre-Shave OilBut you might be saying to yourself: I don’t want to get my face and fingers all oily! I hear you! A good pre-shave oil will be easy to work with and easy to dissolve. Your hand will feel a bit oily. The oils used to make beard and pre-shave oils are lighter and nicer to work with.

It’s important to consider how hard shaving might be on your skin. You are obviously shaving off the beard as well as a thin layer of skin. If you are finishing this shave off with an old-school alcohol based aftershave, you are seriously drying your mug out. This is where using a pre-shave oil will change everything for you. Up front it will help the blade glide on your skin in a much smoother fashion than what you have grown accustomed too. Secondly, the oil will nourish and rehydrate your skin. Finally, since it has a little staying power it will offer a some protection from the alcohol based aftershave making the whole shaving process considerably better. I KNOW! What’s not to love?