Prospectors Iron Ore Pomade

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When the going gets tough the ones who can handle it prosper. Handle it all easily with this recipe from us. If you are experiencing hair that just won’t do what you want it to or you have a style that is tough to achieve we made a pomade specifically for you. You no longer have to worry about leaving the house without your hair looking exactly how you want it.

The Iron Ore by Prospectors has a lot of hold. This hemp oil infused pomade has great control letting you achieve any hairstyle with ease. It will glide into your hair and give you a workability that you will look forward to experiencing each morning.

  • Water based
  • Offers a strong hold with a natural shine
  • Gives you great control to tackle any hairstyle
  • Made with hemp oil which conditions and moisturizes hair and scalp
  • Fresh scent with earthy tones

Customer Reviews

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All around impressive

The Prospector pomades have been on my list for some time now. I was thrilled to be able to get a jar.

The jar is a proper thin aluminum can. It is well made and all the vintage looking printing is done directly on the can. No stickers here! The jar is a welcomed larger size than the norm at 128 g. One oddity is that the lid is not screwed on but rather just snapped in place. Very old-school in-deed!

The Iron Ore pomade has a very distinct clean spicy soap fragrance. This is not one of these discreet fragrance so forget wearing a cologne when you sporting the Prospector. It’s strong and in your face but it is also an agreeable fragrance so it works. To some extent it remind me of the Dr. Jon’s shaving soap. It certainly has an old-school Barbershop element to it. Personally, I enjoy it very much.

Now for the “hold”. In so many words, this stuff is now my new favorite! The hold offered here is exactly what I am looking for. I was able to style my hair in an uppercut pomp with ease and it lasted!!! The last few days have been incredibly humid and this goo survived! For my taste, this product fits on the top shelf!

As with all other quality water-based pomade, this stuff was no trouble to wash out. A simple shower rinse did the trick.

Here is the rating on a scale of 1 to 5, where 5 is a perfect score and/or the level of shine.

Hold: 5
Shine: 3
Texture: 4
Feel in hair: 4
Facility to wash out: 5

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