Prospectors Fine Tooth Comb

SIZE 4.5"

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This comb makes for a great travel comb for your hair or for your beard and mustache. It’s fine teeth are sawcut for comfort and is made from a plant cellulose for a flexible strength that helps ensure ease of use and effective styling. Put this comb in your pocket or bag and stroll through your day in confidence knowing that you will always be looking your best and a touch up is only seconds away.

Combing your hair each day is beneficial to hair and skin health. It will stimulate the hair and ensure proper oils are released from the skin providing needed moisture. It will help with dry skin, itch and beardruff. This comb is the perfect compliment to our beard oils as well ensuring even distribution of the products and style of the hair. This comb will help you achieve the look you want and keep your hair healthy at the same time. 

  • 4.5" fine tooth comb
  • Handmade and finely crafted
  • Good for beard and mustache or hair
  • Made from plant cellulose for strength and durability