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This year’s Spring Seasonal Pomade is dedicated to the distinguishable airbrush days of the 90’s and early 2000’s. This Firme Hold Spring Pomade has an exclusive Spring Love scent and features original artwork, showcasing a classic eight ball pattern displayed behind inflated, gradient lettering akin to some of the swapmeet t-shirts you’d come across back in the day. 

This Strong Hold Pomade is a favorite amongst those with thick, curly, or unruly hair that won’t usually hold a style. This water-soluble formula glides easily into hair and won’t dry out or flake. The strong hold and medium shine last all day and washes out with ease. 

Directions: Start with a small amount of product and warm with hands. Finger comb through damp or dry hair and finish with a brush or comb for a polished look.