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Begin with a great shave and a high performance aftershave to lock it all in and get you ready to do the best you can do with your day. This aftershave has three effects after application with a bite first, a menthol cooling effect second and lastly as the menthol evaporates the warm scent of Ivory Bergamot is released. Suavecito Premium Blends Ivory Bergamot After Shave was created to give you a fresh, clean feeling that you can only get with an alcohol-based formula. Reminds you of a time long passed. Also works great as a fresh-smelling cologne! Scented with; Bergamot, white pepper and tangerine. Directions: Splash this Ivory Bergamot After Shave into the palms of your hands and pat onto skin needing soothing relief.

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Old-School perfection

After my shave, I gave my mug a quick wipe with a cool wet towel and moved onto the aftershave. For this phase we are working with the Suavecito Premium Ivory Bergamot.

Now let’s be perfectly clear this aftershave is alcohol based and as such fits into that "old-school" grouping. But that being said, it is a multi-facet product and it shouldn’t be solely defined by its alcohol foundations.

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The sales pitch for these old-school aftershaves is to clean and disinfect the skin after the shave. The other major aspect of these aftershaves are their fragrances. In fact, for the longest time the only cologne many men would have known and/or used would have been their aftershave.

Then there is the fragrance of this splash. I am not too sure what "Ivory" should smell like, but it is certainly a cool visual representation. Going through my essential oils to remind myself of what bergamot is... To my nose, it is an: earthy, green, sweet, root like sent. When combined with the "Ivory" element and pure alcohol, the result is fresh, manly and different from the main stream scents your nose might identify throughout the day. For me, it’s a winner! Furthermore, our asthmatic Mrs. Style4men was not incommoded. The scent last perhaps 2 hours.

Smells awesome

Light, clean scent. Doesn’t linger long, but it’s not a cologne, so it’s perfect