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Now Talc Free!

Guard against the dangers of excess moisture and accept that you can be living in comfort all day long. What is stopping you?

Suavecito’s Body Powder with Aloe Vera is formulated to give you the best protection and best level of comfort possible. We added Aloe Vera to help hydrate skin like nothing else. Scented with the popular and original Suavecito fragrance, this fine powder absorbs excess moisture while it soothes and cools skin. This formula is great for guarding against chafing and rubbing! It also doubles as an Anti-Friction powder. Trust Suavecito Pomade to provide you with a high quality product that will work hard to improve your day and help you to continue to kick butt at life.

Directions: Apply freely where perspiration and skin friction are likely to occur.

  • Provides long lasting comfort and protection
  • Scented with our popular original Suavecito fragrance
  • Aloe Vera infused to provide hydration
  • Eliminates chafing and rubbing
  • 6 oz.

Proudly made in the United States.

Customer Reviews

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Body Powder with Personnality

Loving all things Suavecito, it was just a question of time before I got my testing hands on a bottle of this stuff.

The last time you might have had talcum powder on your bottom was when you were a baby. Yes, talcum powder is a solution from a past time that is making a proper come back as a result of the Barber Shop Revival. I will admit only having gotten interested in talc as a result of my product research on “how things use to be”.

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What is different about this talc compared to the others? First off, it’s made by Suavecito. Yes, I know that sounds cliché, but if you have used some of their products, you know that you won’t be let down. Their products are also targeted for the regular man’s budget. Suavecito tends to always bring an element of originality or novelty to their products.

A big ticket item when choosing a talc is the fragrance. Let’s be honest, the performance delta between one talc versus another is somewhat minor. One big distinguishable difference between talc’s is the fragrance. The fragrance found here is the standard Suavecito mainstay. It is done appropriately for a talc and is not overbearing. Just enough to get a pleasant nose tickle.

I applied it around 8 AM this morning and it’s now 11:30 and I still feel perfectly comfortable. Bottom line, that is what one wants from talc.