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Introducing the JRL FF2020 Limited Gold Clipper and Trimmer Collection: Elevate Your Grooming Experience

Step into the realm of precision grooming with the exclusive JRL FF2020 Limited Gold Clipper and Trimmer Collection. This esteemed collection features the luxurious Gold JRL 2020C-G Clipper and the equally impressive Gold JRL 2020T-G Trimmer. Elevate your grooming routine with cutting-edge technology and unmatched style.

Key Features:

  • Gold JRL 2020C-G Clipper:

    • Achieve precision cutting with the renowned JRL 2020C-G Clipper in a stunning gold finish.
    • Revolutionary Blade: Special material keeps the blade cool to the touch, outperforming other clippers.
    • Interchangeable Blades: Compatible with most professional clipper blades.
    • Advanced Lever-locking Feature: Ensures a secure lever for extended use.
    • 4 Hours Battery Life: Extended runtime for uninterrupted grooming sessions.
    • 2 Adjustable Speeds: Versatility in cutting with 6,000 & 7,200 revolutions per minute.
    • Quiet Motor: Operates at under 60dB for a serene grooming environment.
  • Gold JRL 2020T-G Trimmer:

    • Precision Grooming: Achieve detailed grooming perfection with the Gold JRL 2020T-G Trimmer.
    • 360° Exposed Ultra Sharp T Shape Blade: Ensures accuracy and style in every trim.
    • Cool Blade Technology: Blade stays cool and sharp even after extended use.
    • Powerful Motor: 3 times more powerful on torsion than most trimmers on the market.
    • 2 Hours Battery Life: Provides ample runtime for precise grooming.
    • Quiet Motor: Creates a quiet working environment with noise under 60dB.
    • Global Universal Voltage: Ideal for international use.

Kit Includes:

  • 1 Gold 2020C Clipper
  • 1 Gold 2020T Trimmer
  • 1 Charging Dock
  • 1 Screwdriver
  • 1 Brush
  • 1 Lubricant Oil
  • 1 Blade Protector
  • 1 set of Comb Guards
  • 1 UK Charging Lead
  • 1 Zero Gapping Tool

Elevate your grooming standards with the JRL FF2020 Limited Gold Collection, where innovation meets unparalleled style for the perfect grooming experience.

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