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This is Irving Barber Company’s first patent pending razor available for retail purchase.  They have spent years developing this multi-disposable blade straight razor. 

Irving Barber Company is the first to bring you a razor with voids for bent edges after breaking double edge blades.  No need for rivets with their stainless steel pivoting hardware and molded scale stabilizer.  This I.B.C. razor has a magnetic blade stabilizer for helping blades stay in place while seating.  The weight of the razor has been meticulously shifted for an even, balanced feel, that glides comfortably.  Contoured lines allow for a stable and pleasing grip at all angles.  With this razor you can use a double edge blade for lineups and touch ups.  Additionally, use thicker cartridge blades for a full shave without any extra inserts or adapters.  Every blade type used will have consistent blade exposure, so you can edge corners with precision no matter which blade is loaded. Try the Irving Barber Co razor today!

*CERAKOTE!* Our classic razor design now with Cerakote finish! This is the same finish that is used on many firearms for it's durability at such thin coats. We start this with  a few different color options and plan to work more with alternate color combinations. These options under this product while have both Razor and Scale in Cerakote Finish.

 *Any packaging Irving products come in are for initial presentation only. Items should always be kept in a sanitary environment.

Customer Reviews

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A stylish and innovative razor

The Irving Barber Co. launched an incredibly innovative and original straight razor a few years back. It instantly made it on my wishlist and I recently treated myself to one through their Canadian Distributor, Ultimate Barber Supplies. Because of the renewed interested in wet shaving, many manufacturers have re-introduced safety razors, but no one had revisited the straight razor. Rebranding an existing design is not an innovation. Irving essentially redesigned the straight razor from the ground up and brought some very novel ideas to the game.

They created a pivoting or rotating head to service the blade – yes, this razor is meant to use disposable blades. Then they added a magnet to the head to help hold the blade while securing said head. Simple, but brilliant! The whole razor is also quite nice looking. Clean and modern lines with the appropriate curves in the right places.

What I liked:

Ingenious and innovative design
Replaceable double edge blades
Blades are totally secured
Aesthetically pleasing design
Solid construction – Feels robust
Comfortable shape to hold and easy to find the sweet spot

Overall, a very innovative, slick and one of if not the most interesting straight razor to hit the streets in some time.

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Zain Ali
Awesome company service!!

Good selection of products with fast shipping , excellent customer service, highly recommended.

Metal Shavette Razor

I’ve been interested in the Irving Barber Co. shavette for some time as it’s, as far as I know, the only shavette able to take a Schick injector blade. Most shavettes take the longer Japanese Feather or Kai blades, which are excellent, but being a Schick injector enthusiast, was looking forward to using the excellent blades in a shavette format.
The razor is very well designed and built, almost a work of art. It can handle, and automatically registers, Japanese injector blades, Schick (or Personna) injector blades or half a DE blade. Naturally, my first shave I used a standard Chinese Schick injector blade, which was easily loaded onto the pivoting portion of the blade holder and held in place by two small but strong magnets. Then the holder is swung into alignment and secured with an easy to use retention screw. This circular tightener has ridges on its periphery, making it very easy to tighten, even with wet fingers. It’s recessed into the blade holder so doesn’t get in the way, like it might appear from the picture. The blade was evenly exposed along its length and held securely once cinched in.
Right from the first shaving stroke this razor felt like an old familiar tool in my hands, but then again I’m very used to using a regular straight razor or Feather shavettes. Irving also includes a nice leather snap pouch to store the razor when not in use.
If you’ve been looking for a shavette that can take Schick blades, look no further and simply order an Irving shavette!