Prospectors Diamond Pomade

Size 4 oz

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A versatile product that fits in perfectly with the rest of our line of products. This pomade offers a medium hold and adds a nice sheen to the hair. Great for any style such as slick backs, pompadours and side parts. It has a creamy consistency that makes applying into the hair a breeze. Offers a pliable hold that keeps your hair in place and can be restyled throughout the day.

  • Water based
  • Offers a medium hold with a nice shine
  • Creamy texture which makes application a breeze
  • Available in three sizes: 1.3 oz, 4.0 oz and 14 oz

Customer Reviews

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Prospectors is back with a gold nugget

Before getting into the pomade itself, I want to make a point about hemp oil. Hemp oil is a direct gift from the hair Gods. Anyone with hair loss, dry scalp and damaged hair should look it up.

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OK point made! Although there is hemp oil in here, this is still a water based pomade. That said, the pomade has an authentic thick feel that is typical of those original oil-greased pomades. I was even caught a little off guard and double checked the ingredient list to confirm that this was a water based or water soluble product. It goes in the hair very much like those older pomades making it a very easy product to work with. That being the case I was a little concerned that I might not find the much needed “hold” and commitment my hair needs. Usually with warmer weather and the natural heat produced by our body it’s enough to relax oil pomades to the point where things don’t hold up. Surprise-surprise! This is turning out to be a very lovely product with real hold.

Here is the rating on a scale of 1 to 5 where 5 is a perfect score and/or level of shine:

Hold: 4
Shine: 4
Texture: 5
Feel in hair: 5+
Facility to wash out: 5

The pomade is discreetly scented with what reminds me of that nice Asian lychee fruit with perhaps a touch of banana.