South Trail Crossing Barber Shop

South Trail Crossing Barber Shop

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What Made you Decide to Open Canada’s Largest Barbershop? I wanted to set the bar for barbershops in Canada. I wanted to be unique, I wanted to expand, but I didn’t want multiple shops in Calgary. I wanted to grow my family of clients and barbers and have everyone under one roof. So my journey started, towards the largest barbershop in the country.

What’s it like Running such a Big Shop? Here at South Trail I believe in customer service whole heartedly, its more like Family Service. Giving clients new and regulars that WOW factor every time they come in. Having the largest barbershop in the country means 18 chairs, 19 talented barbers, 3 beautiful receptionists, 27 tv's, a massive waiting room with iPads, books, magazines, coffee, candy and of course the sour keys. A fun friendly environment that has great vibes, music, smiling faces and of course the cuts always perfect. Everyone's always laughing and having a good time, especially my team! Our loyal clients and talented barbers in fact have become my family. My family required more, and what do you do for your family? Take care of them. Give them everything you can and more. There is an enormous variety of products on the shelves and we’re receiving new products daily to serve our clients even better than before. Celebrating holiday’s with the clients just this past Christmas we did $50 gift certificates everyday, and then the massive $500 VISA/MASTERCARD draw. We’ve held an all proceeds charity event and silent auction for Kids Cancer Care. Also donating to other charities in and around Calgary. We’re also about to host our second annual All Star Barber Batle this August 2018. We do ton of laundry, the amount of towels is excessive. Keeping my family happy, feeding them breakfast, lunch, and dinner, paying the Barbers well, keeping the AC and/or the heat just right for them, and of course more towels. Sure we've got overhead, and I work everyday but truthfully I wouldn't have it any other way. Oh, and did I mention towels?

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