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As with all good hairstyles, this look starts in the barbershop. Make sure you ask your barber for a neat fade on the back and sides, keeping some length through the top section of your hair.

This style requires regular visits to the barbershop to keep your back and sides in check, so be sure to find a good barber that you can trust. When it comes to styling, Uppercut Deluxe Featherweight makes it easy to achieve an Easy Slick Back. It provides medium hold and a light matt finish, to give you the slick appearance this style demands, without too much shine. It’s also water soluble, allowing you to add more product and restyle your hair throughout the day, as many times as you please.

Our Featherweight is ideal for styles with a detailed finish, giving a refined and slick look that lasts. It’s also quite versatile, and can be used in shorter, textured styles as well.  If this sounds like the product for you, grab some Uppercut Deluxe Featherweight today!

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