Behind the Brand with Prospector's Pomade

Behind the Brand with Prospector's Pomade

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Tell me a bit about Prospector’s history. Where, when and how did it get started? The brand started in 2013 in Orange, California. There was a boom of interest in grooming products for men and it seemed like for the first time ever this interest overshadowed that of the women’s cosmetic industry. Google studies tell us now that this was true. It was very unusual. With products popping up left and right, we wanted to slow down and develop something that felt like it had roots. On top of everything, we wanted something that was of high quality that looks like it took a long process to make. From the formulations down to the packaging, we rushed nothing and used slower methods that yielded better results.

Why use Hemp Oil in a majority of your products? We are lucky to be alive in a time where we are witnessing our country’s public opinion about marijuana shift into a new direction. The ingredients derived from this plant have always been demonized even though there are clearly positive uses for almost every bit of the plant. Hemp oil in particular is very healthy for our hair and skin. We used this unique opportunity in time that we’re living in to create formulas that aren’t shy about using this ingredient even though it would have been banned even 10 years ago.

Any new products on the horizon? We have another pomade that we are developing, and we plan to launch it as part of our already vast lineup. We are very excited on how the formula is turning out and we are sure people are going to kill over it. This particular formula is special as there isn’t much like it on the market now and it appeals to a specific person trying to achieve a look that is normally hard to get through a hair product. We like surprises.

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