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Before you could freely flaunt your selfie to the world on social media, photo studios with backdrops of distinct airbrushed artwork existed. This year’s Seasonal Spring Pomade pays homage to a time that entailed more than a quick touch of the screen to stunt on your friends and family. We’re talking about putting on your most firme outfit and taking the bus with your rucca or friends down to the strip mall where the mom & pop photo studio was. Although the process and culture of photography has since evolved, we wanted to recognize and appreciate the time and effort Hombres & Ruccas invested in creating such fun and firme memories.  

This Original Hold Spring Pomade presents memorable airbrushed-inspired lettering in front of a backdrop pattern of traditional roses that will prompt you to recall simpler days. Fragranced with an exclusive Spring Love scent reminiscent of one of the first colognes you ever bought, this Pomade will have you reliving some of the best memories of your youth. 

This Pomade glides easily into hair without tugging or pulling and contains no harsh chemicals, so it won’t dry out hair or flake. It’s water soluble and easy to remove, but provides a medium, all-day hold and medium shine that works on most hair types for most styles.

Directions: Start with a small amount of product and warm with hands. Finger comb through damp or dry hair and finish with a brush or comb for a polished look.