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A special elixir for your life. This is no traveling medicine man show, this is the real deal. We don't promise rain for your crops, a bottle of cure all or riches of gold to appear under your bed. It's an aftershave. A great one. This is just one more tool from Suavecito Pomade in your arsenal to help you kick ass at another day out there in the world. Suavecito Premium Blends Dark Clove After Shave was created to give you a fresh, clean feeling that you can only get with an alcohol-based formula. Reminds you of a time long passed. Also works great as a fresh-smelling cologne! Scented with; tangerine, black pepper, jasmine, amber and musk leather. Directions: Splash this Dark Clove After Shave into the palms of your hands and pat onto skin needing soothing relief.

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The "Premium" moniker istotally justified

The Suavecito Premium after shave is truly an old-school and alcohol based after shave composed of the following: alcohol, water, fragrance, menthol. On application that alcohol cooling effect is very present, but as the alcohol evaporates, the menthol kicks in and I had that cooling effect going for a bit longer. The inclusion of menthol in the after shave is a differentiator. Fresh and smooth. It is quite pleasant. I can attest that it worked well with the shaving gel. No reaction, irritation or discomfort of any kind. My skin was surprisingly shinny, almost glowing and felt great. Even almost 7 hours later, my looks and feels great.

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I am kinda going through a bit of a fascination with cinnamon and clove is in a neighboring space, so I got that one. The aroma aspect of this after shave is milder than I expected. It is very subdued. then again, clove is a fragrant spice but not a dominating one. So I will say that it is true to form. Now it is also important to take into consideration the life of a scent specially one that is delivered via this much alcohol. The first olfactory impact is alcohol. But alcohol evaporated quickly enough leaving behind the scent it is was meant to deliver. In this case, our clove. I would qualify it as: subtle and mature. Most certainly worthy of the Suavecito Premium moniker. I should add that it was “asthmatic Style4men.ca wife” approved both for the scent and the lack of asthma attack.

Best Aftershave!

This stuff is the most well made after shave love the smell makes me smell like a million bucks