Starburst Sandalwood Airfreshener

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Tasteful elegance you can smell and that you can feel wash over your body, mind and soul. Drape this in your car and allow it to bless and purge your car of any unwanted smells.

Our air fresheners are long lasting, made from premium materials. We only source the best ingredients and ensure that these do the best job they can. These air fresheners will not overpower you or overwhelm with a chemical bite. They give off a natural and light fragrance that you will want to leave up all the time. Give your car, room or locker a brand new feel with some help from Premium Blends.

Directions: Hang where you need some great smelling fragrance to wash over you. Works great for your car, in a locker or bathroom.

  • Classic and masculine sandalwood scent
  • Long lasting without that harsh chemical smell
  • Cool design that displays proudly