Pommade Seppos – Super Grip

TAILLE 125 grammes

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C'est comme ca que tout a commencé…

«Après 20 ans d'essais d'autres marques de graisse et de pommades capillaires qui n'ont pas fonctionné, je voulais créer la mienne qui fonctionne comme je le souhaite. Je ne veux pas que mes cheveux soient durs comme du gel, je veux la souplesse d'une graisse mais la puissance d'une pommade et je voulais pouvoir les laver. J’ai donc fabriqué une pommade à tenue extra forte qui garde mes cheveux lissés toute la journée lorsque je les arrache.


Pommade à tenue forte, longue durée et fonctionnelle qui s'applique facilement et vous offre une tenue toute la journée. Se lave sans effort, en utilisant uniquement de l'eau. Appliquer sur cheveux secs pour une super adhérence.

  • satiné
  • soluble dans l'eau
  • forte emprise
  • parfum frais
  • poids net. 125 grammes

Customer Reviews

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Philip Gushulak

Great to support local! Great! That is such a great product.

Mechanic Grip for your hair

The pomade under test is the one from the folks in British Columbia at Seppo’s Automotive. Yes, you are reading that right. These guys are mechanics and greasers. They had the novel idea of just making their own darn pomade and aftershave. Why not, right? From my perspective, this drive and desire to contribute something different and interesting to men’s grooming products is totally welcomed. We can also appreciate that vintage automobile enthusiasts are probably also quite interested in the rockabilly life style and hair style and in that light this venture makes perfect sense.

The packaging of these products is totally fun and perfectly in line with retro automotive care product packaging. Think: Greaser and 1950’s car memorabilia. For my taste, it is bang on!

With so many pomades coming to us from the States, it is awesome to have a Canadian made option. So let’s get into it. The pomade has a light green hue and renders a lemon-lime fragrance.

Here is the rating on a scale of 1 to 5, where 5 is a perfect score and/or level of shine:

Hold: 3.5
Shine: 3
Texture: 5
Feel in hair: 5++
Facility to wash out: 5

Overall, this is a very interesting and down to earth Canadian pomade. For anyone into; cars, 1950’s memorabilia, rockabilly life style or who simply wants decent hair goo, the Seppo’s Pomade will give you satisfaction.

Full review on https://style4men.ca/posts/

It works and it’s local!

I cannot keep this on the shelf in my Barbershop, we sell atleast a dozen a week!