Taille 125 grammes

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Une pâte de moulage à tenue moyenne à forte. Conçu pour une texture mate pour améliorer les looks courts ou agités ou donner à votre dos lisse un aspect plus naturel.

Cette pâte aide à retenir l’humidité pour éviter la casse des cheveux et aide les cheveux à paraître plus épais.

Excellent pour les cheveux fins qui ont besoin d'aide. Ayez l'air soigné sans avoir l'air d'avoir passé une heure à vous coiffer.

  • Aide à retenir l'humidité et à prévenir la casse des cheveux
  • Finition mate
  • Idéal pour la texture et la séparation de longueur moyenne ou courte
  • Soluble dans l'eau
  • Puissance durable, idéale pour tenir

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews

    Great product but price point is a touch high. overall 5 stars

    A great product for guys with finer hair

    I first found this stuff when I was getting a haircut and the first thing I noticed was the smell (so good). When the barber was done I was surprised by the volume and the matte finish. Quickly bought some and I've been loving it, Good stuff will buy again.

    The Mechanics turned Apothecary hit another home run

    My favorite Mechanics, the guys at Seppo’s have launched a new product, the matte BOND-O hair paste.

    So aside from it’s cool name, why would I turn away from my trusted pomade for this paste? Up front, I will say that there is NO good reason for giving up on my pomade! …but you certainly can accommodate for another jar in your cabinet.

    Here is what I liked about it:

    1. very easy to work with
    2. great volumizer/texturizer
    3.not demanding and you can apply it to dry hair (although I personally prefer to add a little moisture to my hair with a Barber spray bottle to help things along)
    4. has a great mechanic citrus scent (My nose is acting up these days and I assumed lemon at first, but it’s officially “orangesicle”)
    5. it gave my mope about 4-5 hours of hold before needing a bit of replacement
    6. since it is a water soluble solution, a simple shower head rinse will take care of business.

    Here is the rating on a scale of 1 to 5 where 5 is a perfect score and/or level of shine:

    Hold: 4
    Shine: 1
    Texture: 5
    Feel in hair: 4.5
    Facility to wash out: 5

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