TAILLE 125 grammes

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Fisticuffs Pomade a un parfum propre de salon de coiffure d'antan et est de couleur ambre clair. Cette pommade à base d'eau est idéale pour coiffer les Pompadours, les Psycho-billy Quiffs, les parties dures, ou même simplement les lisser !

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one of my favourite pomades

great fresh scent but not over powering. easy to apply with crazy strong hold.

Full of character

Upon opening the jar you will be greeted by a nice golden jelly pomade with a fragrance that is both discreet and manly. It isn’t strong enough to affect or collide with your after shave / cologne, but strong enough to be noticed. I will say that it is a classic men’s cologne scent that will make you feel right at home. I know, not a very clear cut description.

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When scooping out the pomade, I was pleased to find that firm texture that has typically given me great results. As always, the pomade has to be relaxed in the palms in order to be applied to the hair. Once in contact with the hair, it initially felt the same, but almost immediately I realizes that this pomade was different. In fact it reminded me a whole lot more of a grease based pomade at this point. It felt a bit heavy while remaining humid. The main perk of pomade is that it allows me to gain back control over my unruly and wavy hair. Pomade also lets me achieve a pomp, thus the love for pomades in general.

In the shine department, it will please any shine seeker as the result is that of a classic pomade. I would venture something in the range of a 4/5.

Here is the rating on a scale of 1 to 5 and level of shine:

Hold: 3.5
Shine: 5
Texture: 4.5
Feel in hair: 4
Facility to wash out: 5

Overall, this is turning out to be a very likable and interesting pomade but the “tuff hold” mention on the jar is perhaps not as tuff on thick and wavy hair like mine.

Rick Y
Sucker for Good Branding!

Honestly, I only purchased this due to the cool looking mascot. I also figured I would try a new pomade after using Suavecito for so long. Time to add something new!!!

This stuff...WOW! Not only is it lighter in smell than Suavecito, but it holds harder that Suavecito Firme that I have been using since I grew my hair back out in 2012. Goes on easily, not too goopy. It was very easy to style once in my hair. I was so impressed, I ordered another jar the day after I got the first jar.


Great branding, great scent, nice colour, fantastic hold. This is a great pomade

Good hold

Great hold. About the same hold as the layrite with stronger hold. There was not much of a scent at all which is perfect because sometimes when you are wearing cologne, you dont want another scent to be in the way. I will definately order again.